Yoga from Japan to the World~attitude of humbleness~

Hello, all Yogis and Yoginis in the world. Namaste.

My name is Hansini.


I would like to share Japanese yoga with you from Tokyo, Japan.

I am learning yoga from yogini who offers her life to yoga.

I guess many of people learn yoga at yoga studios.

However, I chose yogini, not a yoga instructor, as my teacher.


The reason is that I am a yoga instructor.

I would like to know the true Yoga.


Yoga hall where I learn from yogini is a temple, not a yoga studio.

First thing I learn from her is “Yama and Niyama”.

We practice how to show the attitude of humbleness.


I bow here.


Also here.


And here.


Finally here.


I always make a bow before and after the lesson.


We learn yoga with spiritual heart.

There is a custom of bow in Japanese culture.

We show respect by lowering our head to seniors and people to look up to.

We have “Yama and Niyama” in daily life in Japanese culture.


Please try practicing Japanese bow with compassion when you come to Japan.

You can purify your heart.



Om shanti



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