Yoga from Japan to the World~No Concern for the Results~

Hello, all Yogis and Yoginis in the world. Namaste.

This is Hansini.

I would like to share how we can avoid worrying about the results.

Many people expect the results.

Japanese people also pray to the gods when they want to get rich, be happier, and achieve success.

However, once we fail to get them, we suffer from this expectation.


My teacher advised us as follows:

You cannot get relief from material worries once you act with expectation for the results.

How we can live or act without expectations?

Attitude of gratitude for letting me do the task and attitude of humbleness that gods give a role to me, who is immature.

If we act with two attitudes, we will be happy to do the task at hand without expectations.


We can change our attitude from now on.

Hope that this wisdom extend to you.


Om shanti


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