Yoga from Japan to the World~Yoga Town in Japan~

Hello, all Yogis and Yoginis in the world. Namaste.

This is Hansini.

Today, I would like to share with you “Yoga town” in Japan.


There is a town called “Yoga” in Japan.

Some people say that the name of town comes from yoga.

There was a training hall names “Yuga” from the end of Heian period to the beginning of Kamakura period (around 1200) at this place.

“Yuga(瑜伽)” is Chinese character of yoga in sanskrit.

After that,  name of town “Yuga” changed to “Yoga(用賀)”.


It is wonderful to have a special place which makes us feel Yoga in Japan.

Why don’t you visit here when you come to Japan?


Om shanti,


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